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Roofing Safety & Standards

Model City Roofing’s first and foremost is safety. We believe all employees deserve a safe and healthy workplace and our company is committed to keeping our workplace as injury and illness free as possible.

Our Strict Safety Standards

In order to eliminate workplace injuries and illnesses, Model City Roofing has implemented a safety program for injury and illness prevention. We hold all employees responsible to work together and within this program to ensure that a safe and healthful workplace is established and maintained for the benefit of everyone. Benefits from the proper implementation and utilization of this program include the following:

  • A Model City Roofing employees through the practice of our safety program can maintain an environment free from occupational safety and health hazards.
  • Elimination of costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses. Some of these associated costs are: downtime, damaged goods and equipment, workers compensation costs, hiring and training replacement workers, and losses in productivity and quality.
  • Lowering of insurance rates for both company properties and workers compensation.

The achievement of a safe and healthful workplace is of the utmost importance to all of our employees, partners, contractors and providers.  The smallest lapses or shortcuts in safe work practices and procedures put everyone on the job site at risk of injury or illness.  We are committed to the complete elimination of such practices with the MCR processes and procedures.  

Safety Requirements

  • Commitment –Model City Roofing annually invests an average amount equal to 6% of gross profits in its Safety program.
  • Training – Quarterly employee training seminars are conducted at our Jacksonville Beach office by our Safety Director.
  • Control –Model City Roofing staff Safety Director is a certified safety professional who conducts pre-work site safety audits, performs random project safety inspections, conducts training classes in-house and helps drive the company’s overall safety program.
  • Enforcement – As part of our ongoing safety program, random drug testing is conducted on all Model City Roofing employees; Pre-hire testing is also utilized in most cases.Model City Roofing offers safety incentives and exercises disciplinary procedures as part of the program.

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