September 15, 2020

Model City Roofing continues to watch the storm track today…. our concerns are in the panhandle and surrounding areas at this time. We are preparing crews, tarps, and sandbags for these areas. If you are in this area and need our help, please contact us immediately upon concerns.

***All Model City Roofing offices are open and waiting to serve you! Serving the Panhandle, Jax, Orlando, Tampa and the Tri Cities of Tennessee. We are HERE for YOU!! Free estimates and inspections ALWAYS! And YES we work with Insurance Companies too!!

September 7, 2020

We hope each and everyone of you had a Safe and Excellent Labor Day weekend! Heading into this week, please pay attention to all this crazy weather and weather patterns we are having. We currently have two storms roaming around in the ocean and will keep you updated if anything comes of them.
As always, we here at Model City Roofing are here for you! Free inspection and estimates, give us a call 904-552-1009.
September 3, 2020
t’s Florida, it’s rainy season, so we can continue to expect afternoon storms. Is your roof leak proof, are you missing shingles or have hail damage?? Let us here at Model City Roofing come inspect it for free to get you taken care of!
Always….Free Inspections, Free Estimates, and We Work with Insurance’s and Stand by your side!
🇺🇸Happy Labor Day to all of you from
Model City Roofing