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Homeownership is a wonderful thing, but with owning a home comes essential repairs – and your roof is no exception! Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on your roof, so monitoring the state of your roof can go a long way toward keeping your roof well-maintained and saving you money. If you live in the Northeast or upper Midwest, proper autumn roof care in the fall will help protect your roof against heavy ice and snow during the winter. For those in warmer climates, heavy rains can be just as detrimental. You don’t need to be a professional roofer to keep your roof in good shape – read on for best practices for roof care during the autumn months!

Tree Trimming

One of the most beautiful parts of autumn are the fallen leaves, but as the leaves come down, you will start to notice that tree limbs hang much closer to your roof than you may have thought. Tree trimming is an essential part of autumn roof care; if not properly trimmed, these limbs can break off during storms or become weighed down with ice and snap off onto your roof, causing potential damage. Trimming back the limbs near your roof early enough in the season will minimize the amount of leaves that get caught in and clog your gutters, as well as protecting your roof from structural damage caused by falling limbs.

Clean Your Gutters and Install Gutter Guards

Roof care includes clean gutters, which are essential if you want to ensure water flows off your roof correctly. If you allow your gutters to become clogged with leaves, twigs, or other debris, you can expect water to become backed up, leading to roof cracking, mold, and other structural damage. Autumn is the perfect time to grab your ladder and do a deep clean of your gutters – for those in the Northeast, icy gutters are much more difficult to clear!

Gutter guards help to minimize the amount of time and effort you spend cleaning and maintaining your gutters. Installed over your guttering, the guards will prevent fallen leaves from clogging your gutters, while still allowing water to flow through tiny holes in the gutter caps.

Check for Water Damage

Water stains inside your home are a sure sign that your roof is not winter-ready.  If you smell a musty odor in certain rooms, see any water spots on your ceiling, or find mold in your attic, you have a leak you’ll need to get repaired. You may be able to tackle this repair yourself if your leak stems from a damaged shingle, but more complex leaks will require a professional’s assistance.

Pre-Winter Roof Inspection

After clearing your gutters, trimming your trees, and checking for water damage, your next step in proper roof care is a thorough roof inspection. Scan your roof for any missing, loose, or curling shingles, exposed or loose nails, and other types of damage.

If you live in Tennessee or Florida, Model City Roofing can provide a full inspection of your roof, alerting you to any repairs required. Don’t be caught off guard; let us help you with your autumn roof care before the winter months begin.

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