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Tennessee has to be one of the most beautiful states to live in. All across the state, there are rolling hills, the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains, quaint towns and amazing cities. One of the things that make the state as gorgeous as it is? Having all four seasons. Winter, spring, summer, and fall all have their perks in this area of the country, but they can also do a number on your roof if not managed properly — so it is important to keep up with your roof maintenance.  Below, we’ll go through each of the seasons and what you can do throughout the year to keep your roof as healthy as it can be.


Not only does Tennessee have a regular, typical winter season, but it also has what some Tennesseans call “winter snaps” or “little winters.” These are little bouts of cold that come in all the way through spring, popping up during different blooming cycles, therefore being named after what’s blooming at the time. For example, April was Dogwood Winter!

As we’ve talked about in previous posts, this fluctuating weather can definitely have an impact on your home’s roof. During winter, don’t be surprised if you hear loud pops or bangs in your home or your roof. When you experience these quick drops in temps or quickly fluctuating temps, your building materials are actually just as quickly adjusting to the difference in those temperatures. Especially the wood beams of your roof! So no worries, your house is not haunted, there is nothing to be concerned with. It’s just cracking its knuckles!

Winter is also a good time to keep an eye on your roof to make sure you have no underlying issues. For instance, if you are noticing icicles, you may want to check your gutters when the weather hits a nice patch. While they certainly are pretty, they are often signs of clogged gutters. Not only are icicles a hazard to those below them, but the weight of the ice on the gutters can also pull down, causing damage to your roof, gutters, and home.

Another potential hazard in the winter is ice dams. Not as common as icicles but related to them, ice dams are caused by water running to the edge of the roof and freezing, creating a “dam.” Like a dam, this will block any melting snow or ice from running off, freezing as it hits more ice. This backup can cause water to leak into your home and down your walls. Not only is the weight and moisture a bad thing for your roof, but this issue can also cause interior damage as well.


Once you get through the little winters, springtime is in full swing in Tennessee. This is the perfect time to put on some gloves, get the ladder out, inspect the gutters, and clean off any debris that may have come down over the winter like branches and pine needles. Spring is also a time for new growth, so make sure to trim back any trees so that they are not up against your roof and home. Keeping growth away from your home is essential in keeping it healthy.

In May, Tennessee sees its highest rainfall, which makes it another great time to look for roofing issues! Get up into the attic or crawl space to look for any leaks and check out where your water runoff hits your roof. If you see the asphalt shingles looking a little bare on your roof where the water runs over it, it may be time for a repair.  Some granule runoff is completely normal, but you don’t want a bare shingle up there.


Summer in the south is a wonderful time of year and a great time to catch up on all your roofing maintenance chores. Again, check to see if the gutters need a clear out every so often, check your shingles to make sure they’re laying properly, and keep everything neat and tidy. A roof may be a little high maintenance when it comes to home care, but it’s a pretty important part of the home.

Summer is also a great time to get in any roof repairs if needed. While asphalt shingles are the most common roofing type throughout the U.S., tile and metal roofs are quite popular as well in Tennessee and can sometimes take a little longer to repair or replace. With summer having the nicest weather in this area of the country, it’s the perfect time to get a brand new roof or get complete any roofing repairs you might have discovered over the colder seasons.


Fall foliage in Tennessee is a glorious sight. The colors of the trees are truly awe-inspiring and can take your breath away. They can also wreak havoc on your roof! Sorry to be Debbie Downer there for a moment. Fall leaves can be one of the most detrimental things to happen to your roof if not cared for correctly. When you live in an area of heavy leaf coverage, and the leaves are left to pile on your roof, the moisture that can get locked in the leaves can cause extensive damage to the roof. If left untouched through the fall season into winter, rot can set in, ruining not only your shingles but even the roofing materials below them, weakening your roof.

So after taking in the beautiful scenery, make sure you clean it up around your home to avoid any future issues throughout the year. You’ll be glad you did. Leaving wet leaves not only can cause rot, they actually can get pretty heavy too, so make sure to keep checking those gutters. If the leaves are left and then filled with backed up water that freezes, well, you might have a pretty big headache coming your way.

Tennessee is a gorgeous state with gorgeous weather. If maintained properly, your roof can live a full lifespan in this area of the country. Sure, it may take some elbow grease here and there, but if you stay on top of it for each season, it won’t be too bad. If there is anything at all we help with, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help.