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Florida is a wonderful place to live. Lots of sunshine, warmth, and when surrounded on almost all sides by water — lots of precipitation as well.  Rain can be good for the soul, but when you get as much we do in Florida, it’s not always so good for your roof.

Water and its effects on your roof

Florida has an average rainfall of more than 59 inches a year. That’s a lot of water. When it falls in amounts like that, your roof is going to take a beating. Did you know your roof can essentially erode away? It’s true. When there is continuous water running over the same spot on a roof — just like a river in a gorge — that rainfall will start to wear away your shingles. With the water goes the shingle granules and eventually, you will be in need of roofing repair. Lack of granules means a bald roof, which means a weak roof. And no one wants that.

If you are seeing water puddling on your roof, you should look into roof repair immediately. A properly installed roof should never puddle during rainfall. The correct roof installation and the gutter system would prevent water build up or erosion of any kind. When you have bad shingles or puddling on the roof, you are in danger of water damage. Sitting water is heavy and will always follow the path of least resistance, meaning — water will eventually enter your home, causing more than damage to just the roof.

Extreme Weather

If there’s something else Florida is known for other than Disney World, it’s hurricanes. Hurricanes are a weather phenomenon no one wants to mess with.  They carry a tremendous amount of rainfall, extremely high winds, and sometimes even hail — all of which are absolutely miserable for your roof and can put you in need of roofing repair. We’ve already covered the effects of rain, and you can find out what hail can do to your roof here.  The wind gets a category all on its own.

Hurricane winds at their worst can hit speeds of over 150 mph. Not only can that rip your roofing right off, but it can even cause puncturing. When winds are that high, almost nothing is stable. Anything flown at your roof at those speeds will hit with enough impact and force to puncture your roof. If that happens, you can guarantee you’ll be in need of roofing repairs.

Yes, that is an extreme example, but it has been known to happen. Your most common issues with wind, however, will be shingles blown off of your roof. Wind does not blow in even streams. It whips around from all directions, almost like it’s grabbing at your roof shingles on purpose. The area most susceptible to the damage of this type is the edge of your roof, where wind can whip up underneath. A properly installed roofing system, with shingles, laid correctly on the tar line, should give your roof a fighting chance in windy weather

It’s Getting Hot

Of course, heat is another thing that can lead you to need roofing repairs. The extreme Florida sun can cause roofs to crack, warp, and dry out. Though proper roofing is made to withstand this kind of heat, that Florida sun will still take its toll over time.

Whether it’s been a calm summer or heavy hurricane season, it’s always best to check your roof after any storm. Checking your roof twice a year at least, usually around Spring and Fall, is a good habit to have. If you have any concerns about your roof’s condition, please contact us and we’d be happy to take a look for you.