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The functionality of gutters for your home is extremely important. Gutters protect your home from water damage and erosion by directing water flow away from the roof and exterior walls. Gutters are built to last about twenty years, but if they were installed before you owned your home, how do you know if it is time to replace them? Below are a few tell-tale signs that you should start to look into gutter repair.

Cracks of Any Size

Cracks tend to start small and grow quickly in size for countless reasons. Cracks of any size can cause major damage for your gutters and home. Large cracks are pretty noticeable to spot and should be addressed immediately. It’s the small cracks that are tricky and harder to notice, but if left alone, can lead to major damage. Leaving a small crack unattended to grow can cause damage not only to the gutter itself but damage the shingles and the foundation of the home. If you spot cracks in any section of the gutter, call for a professional for an appraisal to assess the damage before the cracks continue to grow.

Gutters Sag Away From Roof

Gutters are attached to the roof when installed to collect water as it runs off. If you notice that your gutter has come unattached from your roof,  it is safe to say it is pulling away from the roof due to the weight of debris it is collecting. Regular cleaning of your gutters to remove any fallen leaves, twigs, or debris will help prevent gutter sagging. If the gutter has unattached itself from the roof, call in professionals to help recommend a solution to your sagging gutters and implement them quickly.

Broken Gutter Sections

Installed correctly, gutters will wrap continuously around the entire house. Fasteners are used to attach the fascia boards against the roof base and keep them level to collect the water flow. Over time, the fasteners and nails holding the gutter against the roof can become loose and fall to the ground. As the fasteners and nails fall to the ground, there is a chance for pieces of the gutters to separate and break the continuous flow of water away from your home and direct the water to the side of your walls. One or two minor repairs of these pieces is okay and simple to do. If the fasteners continue to break off the gutter, seek professional help to see if there is a larger issue that needs to be addressed

Exterior Paint Peeling

The paint on your house adds curb appeal and is what draws people in to admire the home. Don’t let water damage from your gutters ruin a beautiful and costly paint job. If you notice any areas of the paint start to bubble or chip away, get the gutters checked out immediately. Chipping of paint along the walls could mean a leak in a section of the gutters. If the chipping or peeling is higher up the wall and closer to the edge of the gutter, it could mean that the gutter is starting to pull and sag away from the roof.

Rot and Mildew

Paint that is peeling may be an early indication of gutter damage, but if left untreated for long periods may lead to potentially damaging home concerns. As the water continues to flow along the exterior walls, over time parts of the wall will start to rot and those parts of the wall will be unable to keep the house protected from larger weather issues. The rotted wall may start falling apart and break off. Mildew can form in areas of continued water flow along the wall. If left untreated the mildew may grow and not only look unpleasant on the wall but become a haven for allergens.


The materials used to build gutters are sturdy and should be able to withstand the elements. Orange flecks that start to appear on the gutters are early warning signs of rust and should be addressed. Rust is caused by the continuous presence of water in the gutter. There could be a blockage within the gutter causing the water to pool in certain spots and leading to rust. It is recommended to repair the areas that have a large presence of rust before any major breakage of the gutter occurs.

Foundation Damage

Gutters not only direct water away from your roof, but they are also designed to direct the water flow away from the foundation of your home. If pools of water start to collect at the base of the gutter, major damage can occur. If the water continues to sit in the same spot, the foundation can start to seep into the soil under the home. This can lead to cracking of the foundation over a long period of time. Left untreated, the pools of water may start to expand and seep into basements of the home, causing damage to the flooring and can result in mold growing within the basement. Stopping the collection of water at the base of the gutter may be as simple as removing a clog within the gutter system, but can also highlight a defect that needs to be addressed by professionals.

The issues listed above can happen as an isolated issue or a few can accumulate to a larger problem, leading to larger roofing repair issues. Don’t let something like a tiny crack in the gutter spiral any further. Though the list above is extensive and detailed on things to look for in your gutters, other issues can cause damage to your gutters. Contact Model City Roofing today to schedule a gutter inspection and ease any thoughts you have on your gutters to ensure you are protected from any potential damage to your home.