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All homeowners are aware that at some point they will need to do some roof repair to their home. The question is when does that repair need to happen? Annual roof maintenance will help you spot areas of the roof that need some love and care. If you have already completed your annual roof maintenance and you see some of the following signs, it means it is time to call in the professionals for help.



Residential roofs are built to last over 25 years and often come with a 25-year warranty to match. Typically, if your roof is newer and you spot some recent damage to the roof, it should be covered as a roof repair claim to your roofing company to fix.


Shingle Curling

Shingles should lie flat along the roof. If you stand in your yard and look up at the shingles you can see if any are starting to curl against the roof slope. If only a few of the shingles look to be curling you can get away with slight roof repair, but if you notice many of the shingles are curling it may mean it is time for a more drastic roof replacement.


Shingle Granules in the Gutter

Roofs are meant to withstand the elements of the weather and keep the house safe. As the rain and snow of Tennessee take its toll on your roof’s shingles, they may start to shed their granules. Granules are course pieces that look like black sand. When shedding occurs, the granules tend to collect in the gutters. Maintenance of your gutters will help prevent major repairs, but if left untouched can cause bigger issues that will need addressing.


High Energy Bills

Tennessee weather can vary throughout the year. Being aware of your typical energy bill can help you spot possible roofing issues. If you see a spike in your energy bill one month, possible causes are your roof leaking some heat or cool air. Once you address this vent repair your energy costs should go back to normal.


Exterior Light in the Attic

On a sunny day, head upstairs to your attic and look around with the lights out. Do you notice sunlight peeking through the attic that in areas not connected to a window? If so, this is a potential sign that your roof is leaking in light through a hole or something more major.


Animals in the Attic

Hearing a squirrel roaming in the attic is not a pleasant sound during the night. Not only is it an alarming sound to hear, but it’s also nerve-racking to think of how they got in or what other animals might follow! Most of the time this is due to a hole somewhere in the roof. If you hear any type of animal roaming around, call a professional roofer to help repair the roof and call an exterminator to get the unwelcome guests out.


The signs listed above are a small list of warning signs for repairs. Take immediate action for repair if you notice anything listed above or believe you see other repairs that need to be addressed. Waiting to address a repair can leave your home and family exposed to the elements and cause further damage. If you believe you need repairs, check out our blog Roof Repair 101 to learn what you can expect during the repair process.


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