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Is your home ready to take on the snow and ice?  Prioritize preparing your roof to ensure that your house stays dry and warm throughout the colder months. Especially if you live in the northern parts of the country, winter roof care is vital to protect your home from snow and potentially expensive damage. Simple maintenance can be done by the average homeowner and save thousands in future repair expenses. Winter roof care starts in the fall, so if you followed our suggestions for best practices for autumn roof care, you would be off to a good start. However, there is still plenty of time to prepare your roof for winter.

Clear Debris from Roof and Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters might not be your favorite task, but leaves can create clogs and cause major problems later. Wet leaves will freeze and expand, causing your gutters to become warped. The frozen leaves can push up under shingles causing damage that can allow for leaks. With proper safety precautions, use a ladder to access your gutters and remove debris. Even if you removed leaves earlier in the fall, be sure to inspect your gutters after all of the leaves have fallen to ensure they are completely clear.

Inspect and Insulate Your Attic

While some roof damage is visible from the outside, inspecting your roof from the inside can reveal leaks and issues with insulation. If a roof is not properly insulated and ventilated, the heat from the house can cause snow to melt, leak, and form ice dams. Not only will this cause damage to your roof but also increase your home’s heating costs. Installing a ventilation system will allow the air to circulate and prevent snow build-up. If you find evidence of an active or dormant leak, you will want to schedule a repair quickly to prevent it from getting worse over the course of the winter. At Model City Roofing, we can repair existing damage to prevent larger problems later on.

Clear Snow Off Your Roof

Unexpected winter storms can catch homeowners unprepared. A key to winter roof care is keeping your roof clear from large amounts of snow. Heavy and wet snow needs to be removed because it holds moisture and can create ice dams and add weight to the roof. If you have a flat or shingled roof, you should be prepared to clear off your snow more frequently. To prepare for a surprise storm, purchase a roof rake before the snow starts to fall.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

If you are a new homeowner, have an old roof, or have noticed some damage, schedule an inspection with a professional.  At Model City Roofing, we can complete a thorough roof inspection and advise you on proper winter roof care for your specific needs.  If there are problem spots, we can help you address them before the winter arrives.  As long as you take these steps before winter starts and continue to inspect and care for your roof through the winter, you’ll stay warm and

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