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Deciding on a new roof is not an easy decision to make and there a lot of factors to take into consideration. Of course, the first thing people think about when considering a new roof is money. It can be a lot of pocket change to replace your roof. Also, will it add value to your home? Do you really need a whole new roof? Can’t you just throw on another layer? We’ll tackle all of these questions below. Honestly, replacing your roof is a big decision that can come with a lot of payoffs. So, let’s get to it.

Multi Layers
Sometimes folks would like to cut some cost and just throw another layer on the roof. When you get a new roof, not only does a new one need to go on, but the old one needs to be completely taken off first. And that’s the messy part, called the “tear off.” Some people like to avoid this step to save money. But saving money at this step is only delaying the inevitable. And we’ll get to that.

While it may appear easier just to leave the old shingles on, that’s not really quite the case. First, it still creates a lot of work – just different work. The crew will still have to remove ridge caps and vents, add or replace flashing, even replace rotten shingles anyway. See the thing is, you can’t just re-roof any old roof. The roof can only be a specific shingle (not wood or slate!), and they still have to be in excellent condition. Then, when the time comes to replace the roof yet again, you’ll end up paying for a two-layer removal this time, which is more labor intensive than the one you tried to save on in the first place.

There are a few other issues with reroofing as well – like not being able to replace the underlayment. This does eventually age and deteriorate in all temperate areas, including Tennessee and Florida, no matter what you do, and a crew won’t be able to get to it without removing the roof. More shingles can also add more weight than you’d like to your roof and sometimes, the building code in your area doesn’t allow it for this reason. When it comes to re-roofing, or adding a second layer, you’re just adding a temporary fix that will cost you later.

In places like Tennessee and Florida, home value is pretty important. So when people are looking to keep the value of their home up, but looking to replace a roof, a question that’s often asked is, “Will this bring any value to my home?” The short answer is yes. Having a good, quality roof is right up there with updated bathrooms and kitchens. Estimates put a new roof ROI somewhere between 65-85%. What that means is that you will likely recoup that percentage of each dollar spent on the new roof. And with a new roof’s lifespan being around 20 years, that is definitely a worthy investment to make on your home, whether you plan on staying or selling.

Sometimes you need a new roof, and sometimes it’s a little daunting coming up with the money, no matter how grand the investment towards your home value. We know that, and that’s where we can help you navigate! There are loans out there to help you fix your home. And when energy savings come into play (yay for new roofs and the energy savings they can provide!), that can help you save as well.

We know planning for a new roof can feel overwhelming and our amazing teams in Tennessee and Florida are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get you started on bettering your home!