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As a resident of Tennessee, the last thing you might worry about is damage from a hurricane, but did you know that a tropical storm that moves inland can produce more rain than a Category 5 hurricane? Tropical storms not only bring with them massive flash flooding that can last for days on end, but these storms can also pack a windy punch.

Preparing adequately before these storms, and others like tornados are essential to keeping not only your family safe but your home as well, and that includes your roof.

Quality Roof Care Before the Storm

Hiring a roofing contractor you’ve researched, and trust is a great first step in any roof care you might need to do for your house. Whether you just moved in or have lived there for years, having someone get up there and take a look around is well worth the money. Because small problems on your roof can lead to significant issues down the road, especially during storm season. Getting ahead of it and scheduling a roof inspection is great for peace of mind.

What Constitutes a Severe Storm?

There are many types of storms that you’ll encounter in Tennessee, each bringing with it different weather systems that have the potential to wreak havoc on your roof. So, what makes a storm severe? According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, a thunderstorm is only considered severe when it includes one or more of the following

  • Hail measuring one inch or more in diameter
  • Wind gusts above 57.5 MPH
  • A tornado

What Can I Do to Prepare for Severe Storms in Tennessee?

The best first step in quality roof care is getting a roofing inspection ahead of time. Once you’ve done that, you’re already way ahead of most homeowners. However, there are other equally important things you should be checking off your pre-storm season list

  1. Secure windows and doors
  2. Clear gutters of leaves and debris
  3. Cut back landscaping to avoid wind-related damage

Secure Windows and Doors

Ensuring that all windows and doors are in good working order with effective seals is essential for avoiding increased pressure on your home and roof. If windows or doors are left open, it can cause a massive strain on not only your home but your roof, too, as the excess air tries to find any way to escape.

Clear Gutters of Leaves and Debris 

Keeping your gutters clear of any fallen leaves or debris allows rainwater to freely move throughout your gutters, rather than pooling on and around your roof, causing a leak. Because tropical storms can cause flash flooding, this is an essential step in Tennessee where storms pack a ton of rainfall.

Cut Back Landscaping to Avoid Wind-Related Damage

Making sure trees or large branches are at least six feet from your home is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind when storm season approaches. From gusty winds to flash flooding that can cause trees to come out of the ground, roots and all, ensuring that you’ve got a handle on your landscaping is an excellent way to take a proactive step in preventing storm-related damages.

Helping You Weather the Storm in Tennessee

If this all seems a bit stressful, contact our team at Model City Roofing. Not only can we provide licensed roof care before the storm comes, but we’re here to help you after, too. Give us a try today and schedule a free cost estimate for your residential or commercial roofing project!

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