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Discovering a large brown water stain on your ceiling can be a cause for concern, especially if the culprit isn’t easily identifiable. There are many reasons you could have water damage to your ceiling. Most people automatically assume it must be a roof leak.  While it’s a very common cause, damage to the roof is not always the culprit.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself the next time you come across a leak to solve the mystery of a leaky ceiling yourself.

What Should I Do First?

Before climbing up on your roof or calling a roof care professional, it’s always best to take a look in your attic first and see what is in the vicinity of the affected area.

After removing any wet insulation, if you find water pipes, you’ll need to ensure that there are no apparent leaks or moisture. This is an essential first step in narrowing down whether you need a roof repair or have a leaky pipe.

When is the Leak Occurring?

Another way you can pinpoint the leaky culprit is by determining when the leak occurs. If the leak flares up during major storms and dries up in between, it’s more than likely an issue that requires roof care. However, if the leak is consistent no matter the weather, it’s likely originating from a plumbing line somewhere in the attic.

What Are Common Causes of Ceiling Leaks?

Ceiling leaks don’t always travel straight down from the source of the leak, making finding the culprit difficult in some cases. In others, it may be very apparent where the water is originating. There are four common things in a home that can produce a ceiling leak. Checking these places first will make the investigation process faster and easier.

  • Skylights
  • HVAC systems
  • Leaking pipes
  • Roof leaks

It’s Definitely a Roof Leak. What Do I Do Now?

If you’ve researched the common causes of leaks mentioned above and are confident it’s an issue requiring a roof care professional, what should you do next? Make a call to a local roofing contractor that you know and trust to come take a look at your roof as a second opinion.

At Model City Roofing, we offer a free cost estimate for your roof repair, so you can feel at ease and know ahead of time what it involves.

Did you know that missing even one shingle can cause a leak in your roof, ultimately traveling down and affecting your ceiling? Ensuring that you fix any damage to your roof promptly, especially if you live in an area prone to significant storms, is essential to keeping your roof secure and your ceilings dry.

Helping Your Roof Weather the Storm

At the first sign of a roof leak, contact our team at Model City Roofing. Not only are we licensed and insured to help with any roof repair you may need, but we can also help inspect your roof for any further signs of concern before the next big storm hits.

We’re proud to serve Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Panama City and the surrounding areas, as well as the Tri-cities area of Tennessee.

Call us today to schedule a free cost estimate for your roof repair!

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