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When it comes to roofing choices, there are actually quite a few options out there. Many depend on durability, a few depend on personal taste, and just as many depend on upkeep and maintenance. Below we’ll focus on a few of the best roof options for residential homeowners in both Tennessee and Florida.

Aluminum/Steel/Metal Roofing

This is a roof where you pay a lot more for upfront, sometimes upwards of at least double the cost of traditional asphalt shingles. However, it’s durable and honestly, rain on a metal roof sounds amazing. Does this make for having the best roof?

Well, let’s see.

While it costs a lot more upfront, some argue that the cost for upkeep down the road is only about one third the cost of a traditional shingle roof. This style of roof is definitely tops in solar efficiency. Because of its material, it can reduce cooling costs as much as 25%. When you live in states that see warm temps like Tennessee and Florida, that number is pretty significant. Not only does this type of roof save on energy costs, but many are also made from mostly recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Those who are looking to go green find these details appealing and may decide that this is the best roof option for them.

The material costs mentioned earlier are probably the number one disadvantage of choosing this type of roofing material. Not only that, but it is more difficult and expensive to install as well. Those upfront costs are typically why people shy away from choosing a roof of this style all together.


Some folks look at those older homes with slate roofing and sigh. It’s a beautiful sight to be seen and can add a ton of charm to a home. This is probably the number one reason homeowners would choose slate. It’s just pretty.

Slate roofing also appeals to the green crowd, as they are also environmentally friendly. Made from natural stone, there is no pollution during the manufacturing of it, and like a metal roof above, it is recyclable once removed. We would say “at the end of its lifespan,” but this type of roof often outlasts the building it’s installed upon!

Like metal roofs, while some dream of this being the best roof for them, the costs are astronomical, sometimes getting as high as $6000 a square. A square. That hurts the wallet a bit.

Asphalt Shingles

This is the tried and true, most trusted roofing material for your home. Used everywhere, including Tennessee and Florida, asphalt shingles are typically the best roof for anyone’s home. With upwards of a 30-year lifespan, an asphalt shingled roof is usually the way to go. There is more upkeep and a little more maintenance involved, but the benefits outweigh the cons. There are tons of options and styles to choose from, an array of colors, and even textures. You can get them to look like cedar shake, or even the expensive slate mentioned above.

Unlike the others, the installation is less of a burden and easier for the roofing professional to install. This results in a more cost-effective roof and is also easier to maintain and repair as well.

For those looking to go green, many shingles are now also recycled at the end of their lifespan, with many old roofing shingles going into paving! It’s pretty neat the way some things can be repurposed.

As you can see, there are many directions you can go in for a roof on your home. You can go pricey, pretty, or dependable. What you choose is really based on your personal taste and probably your wallet size too. If there is any question you may have, we would be happy to answer. Just reach out to us here.